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We run longbow training and history courses on behalf of The Bure Dragons a longbow only archery club in the beautiful Stour Valley.

Our 10 week basic training courses are designed to take a pupil from complete novice to competent archer.

Youth & Parent/Guardian courses run on Wednesday evenings from 6-7pm or Sunday evenings from 6-7pm.
Adult courses run on Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm or Sunday evenings from 7-9pm.

We no longer have specific course start dates, please choose a Wednesday or Sunday evening that suits you and your training will run for 10 weeks from then. Please do contact us with your preferred start date so that we can expect you then select a payment method below.

Adult Longbow Course 
                                         - Full Payment
Number of Trainees


                                         - Weekly Payment
Number of Trainees

Under 16s Longbow Course
                                         - Full Payment
Number of Trainees

                                                                                     - Weekly Payment
Number of Trainees

Parent/Guardian Longbow Course
                                         - Full Payment
Number of Trainees

                                                                                                                                 - Weekly Payment
Number of Trainees

N.B. Parent/Guardian courses are only for accompanying adults of children on an active course who also wish to train in the Longbow.


Q - Is this aimed at re-enactors?
A - No, although re-enactors are not excluded these courses are for everyone.

Q - So I don't have to dress up?
A - No, we sometimes dress up but there is not need for you to, unless you want to.

Q - How much does it cost?
A - Adult courses cost £200 per person. Youth & Parent/Guardian courses cost £100 per person.

Q - Can I pay weekly?
A - Yes, weekly payments are available.

Q - Do I need my own equipment?
A - No, all equipment is provided for trainees.

Competent Archer Course
Beginning as a complete novice this 10 week course will guide you through the various aspects of medieval archery  to the culmination in the final week with a fire arrow shooting experience not to be missed.

Youth & Parent/Guardian Archer Courses
Our special youth programme caters for archers aged 7 - 17 years (younger archers considered depending on maturity, our youngest to date was 5.  Again depending on maturity older teens may wish to join the adult course) and the courses run at the school friendly time of 6-7pm each Wednesday or 6-7pm each Sunday.

All archers aged below 18 years must have a parent or guardian present so we offer the option of learning alongside your child/ward. Hot and cold drinks are available as well as a comfortable seating area to watch proceedings if you do not wish to participate!


Bakers Hall

Colne Road



Fire arrow shooting is how we finish every course we run -
you will never forget this experience!
It's even cool in the daylight!

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